Develop and grow at Vink Products

This fun article is from November 2020.

An interview was recently conducted with our employee Jan Willem. Jan Willem is 19 years old, from Katwijk and is employed by Vink Products. After he left high school, he came in contact with Vink Products. He was looking for a new education and ended up at Vink Products.

Jan Willem has now been working for Vink Products for 4 years. During this time, he developed himself far and learned a lot. He started a work and learn program through the company, currently training as a level 3 sheet metal worker after previously completing level 2. Thanks in part to his developments, he has also been given more responsibilities in the company.

“Four years ago I started at Vink Products. I started producing products in the workshop then.” Says Jan Willem. “In addition to my work in the plant, these days I also provide support for work preparation,” he said. In this way, Jan Willem is already getting acquainted with the work he will do after completing his current education. To support the work preparation, Jan Willem is also involved in working out global drawings of the products so that they can be produced in the workshop. Because Jan Willem himself works in the workshop, he knows exactly what the process is like here. While performing the work preparation, he can respond well to this.

Jan Willem says he really enjoys it while working. He likes that his work is very diverse. “It’s never like you’re doing the same thing all the time, one time you’re drawing one thing and the next you’re drawing something else. And then suddenly you’re back working in the workshop.” Says Jan Willem. In addition, he says he works in a nice team, which consists of fine employees who are very helpful. Thanks in part to his helpful colleagues, the work he performs is very educational. In addition, he says he sees many opportunities for advancement in the company. “I started in the workshop and have now ended up in an office, so I am a good example of this myself. The company just offers a lot of opportunities!” For example, Vink Products offers training to employees to encourage them to develop themselves further.

Because the work is very varied and full of challenges, Jan Willem would recommend this job to others. His own ambition is to continue to develop. “I want to continue to learn and help the company continue to grow, and then see what the future holds for me.”