New roof top is conducive to assembly and project progress

A new roof cap was recently designed and was produced last week. This is a dormer that integrates the conduit and roof curb. Normally, a roof curb/slab is ordered and an appointment is scheduled with the roofer. After the roofer tapes it in, the mechanics can return to the roof to install the conduit and cap. Manually, the grommet lowers through the curb and the roof cap is screwed to the curb all around. With the application of the new dormer, all this is a thing of the past.

Hoods with an integrated penetration channel and roof curb can be placed on the recess at once. After this, the roofer can glue it in. This is very conducive to assembly, as work can proceed sequentially. Hoods in this version are available up to a maximum of 14,000M³/h blow-off (at 3.5M/sec) and 9,500M³/h suction (at 2.4M/sec).

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