New transport carts

In early 2022, we started a project for new transport carts to transport our products to and from projects and customers. With universal transport cart, we ensure optimal loading and easier transportation. After careful testing, the new cart is now in use.

Development and testing

The design team created several designs for which we made test carts. These were put into use at a project recently. Based on these test carts, feedback was gathered on the design and this resulted in a good choice for a real “Vink. Cart.

Several advantages

Some testing hours later and from the users’ findings, improvements were made to the design. This results in a transport cart with the advantages:

  • More efficient charging;
  • Better quality retention;
  • Cost-cutting;
  • Gives a distinctive and reliable appearance on our projects.

Now that the transport cart is in use, we continue to optimize where necessary. The next goal is to roll out this project further so that in the near future we deploy this transport cart throughout the organization.