Vink Products recognized as an SBB training company

Vink Products is certified by SBB as an approved apprenticeship company and thus meets all the conditions for offering students from VMBO and MBO a fully-fledged apprenticeship. As Vink Products, we provide students with a good and pleasant workplace to gain relevant practical experience during their studies. Thus, we provide an opportunity for students to gain work experience with the work processes and activities associated with the profession. The students are assisted on the job by the on-the-job supervisor guiding them for the best experience. In doing so, we are providing our industry with professionals for the future.


Students receive the best practical training with job prospects. And companies have the skilled workers they need now and in the future. That’s what Cooperation Organization for Vocational Education Business (SBB) stands for.

SBB is a professional organization at the heart of senior secondary vocational education and business. We carry out tasks on behalf of the Ministry of OCW, such as recognizing and supervising learning companies, including for internships and apprenticeships.

We also develop the qualification structure and provide internship and labor market information. Finally, SBB is the place where vocational education and business make agreements on connecting education to the labor market.